My vision is one of fairness compassion and empathy to all parties involved in the dispute.
With more than 30 years as a consultant and business leader it has given me substantial experience with managing disputes. I am a very trusted and knowledgeable communicator and have a passion working with difficult situations to find a resolution where everybody is in agreement and leave satisfied.


  • Flexibility- very flexible in meeting your needs at a time that is convenient for everyone.
  • Experienced negotiator-I am an experienced leader and very professional and have a great reputation of working with and managing teams through the most difficult disputes. Making each member of the team feel like they were heard and that they are leaving the table feeling confident and satisfied.
  • Efficient-I am very in capable of analyzing detailed research to bring each party involved the most effective outcome.


He went above and beyond to make sure that everybody was satisfied and nobody left feeling like they had been short changed. Kara Monroe Margaret Silvers.
I am in the music industry and we were having a huge confrontation with one of our agents. This company helped us to all agree on what we originally disagreed on. Our company and music industry are now the dream we wanted it to be. Willie Triplett Manager

I cannot tell you how grateful I am and how appreciative I am of World Quest Consulting and their professionalism because we were actually lost not know what to do we did not know how to bring our company into in agreement where everybody felt like they had a say in what was going on. But this company what is a miracle and helping everybody feel like they were heard.
Lori Johnson Executive Leader

Amazing company. Richard Stack World Quest Consulting helped my company take a small idea that we couldn’t agree on the vision of and turn it into a very successful large idea where everybody felt a part of the team.
 Carl Mcdainel CEO