When something goes into mediation it means that those parties involved have run out of all options. A good mediator will have the insight and compassion to guide all parties involved through this. Efficient and effective communication is the key to making this process come out with a good outcome. Questions that need to be asked of all parties involved before the mediation are: why am I here? What do I expect the results to be after this dispute? Am I prepared to dispute? And what happens if nothing changes? There may be a time during the mediation where do you feel like things are going backwards that’s a normal feeling but in the end it will be worth all of the turmoil that may have occurred When all parties involved feel that they have been heard.


As your mediator I will act as a coach for all involved and help facilitate discussions manage any issues make sure that all documentation is in place before you mediate and explore all options and intervene to awkward and inappropriate questions that make each individual feel uncomfortable.